Edmonton Laminate Flooring

Quality Red Tag Floors offers high-quality laminate flooring in Edmonton. Aquateck Laminate, commercial-grade water resistant laminate flooring. Our laminate products are in stock and ready to go! 

Aquatic Laminate, commercial-grade water proof laminate flooring



Easy Maintenance

Kid and Pet Friendly



AquaTeck Laminate is designed to be a high-quality flooring that is designed to look like solid wood. While not only being budget-friendly, the AquaTeck Laminate does not sacrifice quality. This AquaTeck Laminate is designed with an AC4 rating, making it ideal for any residential area as well as medium commercial applications.


AquaTeck Laminate, with the AC4 scratch-resistant layer, is ideal for any busy family or medium commercial setting. With this durable scratch-resistant layer you will be sure to have a floor that will look just as new as the day that you bought it.

Water-resistant laminate flooring

Aquateck offers protection in all levels of the home and office. Whether you are above or below grade, Aquateck has the suitable solution to your floor covering search. With its wax infusion technology, Aquateck laminate offers maximum 24hr protection for everyday spills and accidents. Aquateck will not swell when in contact with water. High-quality water resistant laminate flooring.

Easy Maintenance

AquaTeck Laminate is ideal for any busy household as it does not require any special cleaning methods or cleaners. This laminate can easily be swept or vacuumed clean, as well as, washed by a damp mop and your favorite all purpose floor cleaner!

Aquateck Warranty

Aquateck offers limited lifetime residential warranty on both 8mm and 12mm lines. With premium scratch and water resistance, install with confidence through all locations.  We stand behind our product. The manufacturer offers limited lifetime warranty on wear, stain, fade and water. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your floor is designed for what everyday life throws your way.

Aquateck Rating

Aquateck Laminate is built to last, and look good doing it. Enjoy premium AC4 Rating, and 24hr water resistance. Aquateck will not fade, stain, or bubble when in contact with spills.

Beautiful Designs

Designed to mimic the texture and beauty of natural hardwood, guaranteed you will not find a better-looking laminate with the same durability AquaTeck Laminate has many textures, colors, designs. Combined with its impressive qualities AquaTeck Laminate is perfectly suited for any residential or medium commercial use!

Take advantage of this commercial AC4, water-resistant laminate that is ideal for any bathrooms, basements, kitchens laundry rooms, as well as many commercial settings including salons, barber shops, restaurants, office spaces and many more.

AquaTeck – Chai Maple

AquaTeck – European Oaks

AquaTeck – Winter Oak

AquaTeck – Rustic Maples

AquaTeck – Rustic Oak

AquaTeck Droplock Laminate Flooring Maintenance


  1. Clean the flooring regularly with a vacuum cleaner or damp mop to remove loose dirt. While using the damp mop, use clean water with a diluted non acidic floor cleaner. Do not use any cleaners not recommended specifically for cleaning floors. Do NOT use vacuums that use a beater bar or turn the beater bar off. Do NOT use electric brooms that have hard plastic bottoms with no padding. Do NOT use harsh cleaners or chemicals on the floor. Vinegar is NOT a suitable cleaner for flooring. Do NOT clean your floor with excessive moisture or with a steam mop.
  2. Prolonged liquid exposure may cause discoloration and limited water damage to occur. Clean up all spills immediately.
  3. Vinyl flooring, like other types of smooth floors, may become slippery when wet. Allow time for the floor to dry after cleaning. Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills, foreign substances, or wet feet.
  4. Fed pads are to be used under chairs, tables, and other furniture/objects which may be moved over of the flooring.
  5. Use non-staining mats. Rubber may discolor the floor. If the vinyl is installed in an entranceway use mats to protect the flooring from sand and dirt.
  6. Furniture should be moved onto the newly installed floor using an appliance hand truck over hardboard runways.
  7. Oil or petroleum-based products can result in surface staining. Do not track asphalt driveway sealer or automobile oil drips onto the laminate floor covering.

All 4 edges of the planks are sealed with wax to protect the laminate against accidental liquid spills. If any excess waxy residue or hard stains exist on the surface of the planks after installation, they can easily be removed using mineral spirits on a damp cloth, the flooring is resistant to water damage; however, prolonged liquid exposure, cut edges, broken edges, and rubber edges etc., may still allow limited water damage to occur.