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The new found beauty of laminate plank

laminate flooring in the kitchen

Aquateck laminate in the kitchen

Laminate flooring is a great choice and can provide stunning designs and textures. From wide to narrow plank, there are styles and colors for every design and taste.

Past Reputation

Many people get a bad taste in their mouth when they hear laminate flooring. This is for a good reason. For years before laminate made significant improvements, it suffered from numerous deficiencies. In the past (and for some brands and products remains true) It was a poor choice for water areas. Some products were known to come apart and cause gaping. It was cheap looking. The wood pattern looked fake. There was very little texture. I could go on…

Laminate Flooring Has Improved

The reality of today’s laminate products is a very different story. All the issues that are mentioned above, were fixed, and some assets to going with laminate have no competing neighbors in the flooring products available. Take luxury vinyl plank. Durable and waterproof, yet not as rigid as a high-pressure laminate floor, making it the inferior option for floating over imperfections.

I will put a caveat on all this, however. All laminate flooring is not created equal, and unfortunately many poor-quality products exist today. Some of the products are misrepresented. You should always ask one of our flooring experts what the difference is between good quality laminate and poor-quality laminate. More Importantly, do your research and ask questions before you purchase a product. Unfortunately, sometimes a sales rep won’t know or won’t want to tell you the technical details of a product. Besides, asking questions will signal to the rep that they aren’t dealing with a easy mark.

You can get better texture with laminate

Laminate flooring has great texture and offers some of the most realistic designs out of all artificial floor coverings.

Aquateck - Mystic Maple

AquaTeck Mystic Maple 12mm

Laminate flooring has great scratch resistant and is often build with a very durable top layer made from hard ceramic material, making it a great option in high traffic areas both in the house and the office.

Water resistant laminate is now one of the new options available to some laminate brands. Our Aquateck Laminate for example. You can put laminate in the kitchen without concern!

Laminate Flooring In Edmonton

Quality Red Tag Floors has focused on bringing in high quality laminate products backed by lifetime warranty and rigorous specifications (All our laminate is AC4 Rated). We provide laminate from great brands like Aquateck. We stock our product directly so that our customers can always be sure they are getting a great price.

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