Vinyl Plank Flooring has come a long way in recent years, improving in several areas. These areas include texture, stability, water, and wear. These improvements directly benefit the owner of vinyl flooring. With better texture, comes more realistic designs. With better stability, vinyl plank is more versatile in the areas that it can be installed. With better water proofing technology, there are even some vinyl products that are flood proof. Not to be forgotten, are the recent technological improvements in software allowing designers to create much better resolution print layers. This means you are going to find a lot more realistic vinyl plank styles than ever before.


The texture of vinyl plank has improved in recent years with new EIR technology. EIR stands for Embossed in Register. The top layer of vinyl plank flooring is embossed with a realistic texture that follows the design of the print. This technology helps immensely with the overall effect of vinyl plank. Vinyl plank flooring now comes beautifully textured, and has designs that rival the real thing!

3 Vinyl Planks Side By Side

Image Of Three Vinyl Planks Side-By-Side


Stability of vinyl plank has improved greatly. Some products like Fuzion Flooring’s SmartDrop, have a full sheet of fiberglass in the core for stability. This helps prevent the expansion and contraction that can occur with some vinyl’s that do not have a fiberglass core layer. This fiberglass layer allows for some vinyl plank products to be installed over in-floor radiant heat. This increases the areas that vinyl can potentially be installed. These stabilized core layers also help the vinyl plank float over flooring imperfections, increasing the tolerance for small leveling issues. You should always level your subfloor or concrete before installing, but this allows for less stringent requirements when it comes to how level your floor must be.


With the improves to texture and stability, come improvements to the water proofing of vinyl products. Most vinyl plank products have waterproof cores. The problem with having a waterproof product, is that is sometimes can give the owner a false sense of security. You should always take precautions when exposing any flooring to water, whether it is waterproof or not. Some vinyl plank flooring is waterproof but not watertight. What is usually more important is your flooring is built to prevent  water seeping through the joints when a spill occurs. If water gets under your flooring it can cause mold and mildew. This will result in damages that can not be repaired. Newer vinyl products have more robust click systems or micro beveled edges so that they can fit tightly together. This prevents water from getting through your flooring and protects your subfloor from getting wet!

water on vinyl plank seam

Picture of water on a vinyl plank seam


The design of vinyl plank flooring has improved over the years. With each year and passing of time, the technology improves.  The designers of print layers to improve the resolution of their print layers. These print layers are one of the most important parts of a successful vinyl plank flooring. You can have the most durable, stable, and waterproof flooring, but it would all be moot if it did not look good. Flooring is designed with latest trends in mind, and different brands are always adding and changing colors to find the perfect combination. You can be sure with most new vinyl plank flooring, it is going to look amazing and sometimes be indistinguishable from authentic hardwood or stone products!

picture of multiple vinyl plank flooring samples

Vinyl color samples


As seen above, vinyl plank flooring has improved over the years and will continue to improve. Since the flooring industry is ever evolving and changing its important to know you are getting the best product for the situation you are installing it in. Be sure to ask questions about your vinyl plank product. One thing we are all happy about is how great vinyl plank is in so many different situations. Vinyl plank will continue to be a great looking and durable option for your home, office, or showroom!